The Failure of the UN

The successor to the beleaguered League of Nation has a shady history itself. The League was dismantled because it could not prevent World War 2 and this resulted in the setting up of United Nations Organization. The main agenda of the United Nations Organization was the prevention of war and yet it has failed massively in preventing the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc.
The UN as a war deterring forum has become increasingly irrelevant. Instead it has become a forum for world leaders to bad mouth each other. We have heard the wild ravings of Ahmadinejad, Gadhafi, Netanyahu, Bush etc. The UN’s track record in resolving any enmity between nations has been abysmal. With the formation of the NATO, the UN has been reduced to a spectator who only has the power to send in peace keepers to war torn areas. Even their track record on human rights has been truly abhorred. They have not prevented civil unrests in nations from Asia to Europe. Dictatorships thrived on the blood of the people and yet the UN could do nothing. Sudan is the worst case of them all and even after the splitting up of Sudan, it’s still in crisis. One of the world worst humanitarian crisis in happening in the Israel occupied Palestine and the UN does nothing. China threatens every single one of its neighbors and has borders disputes with India, Tibet, Japan etc and the UN still remains silent. The Americans declare war willy nilly, as if they can’t survive without one and the UN does nothing.
The so called Security Council which has the power to veto unanimous decisions made in the general assembly has made the UN obsolete. The UN was created by stating that every member state will have equal rights, but that is not the truth. The power blocs still control the functioning of the UN. With the emergence of different groups like SAARC, EURO ZONE, etc. the relevance of the UN has become even feebler. No nation in the UN general assembly engages in any kind of a sustentative dialogue. Even now when the world is threatened by yet another war by the leaders of the US, Israel, Iran and Syria; the UN has become a place of finger pointing. Why can’t they meet without any precursors? Why can the dominant power (USA) make them come to the talking table without putting in stipulations? The answer is simple: Politics. Even in the UN, where politics should not have any role, the leaders of nations are more interested in playing politics that actually doing something of substance. The US has to play politics because of the huge voting bloc of the Jews. And even the Jews inside of Israel does not favor war, they would rather that Israel gets its economy in order. And Iran has every right to peaceful nuclear proliferation. Neither the US or Israel has yet put forward any proof of Iran using its nuclear program for weapons technology, just like Iraq. All the while the UNO remains a spectator. Kofi Annan was forced to concede his position as the chief negotiator to Syria because the American’s were adamant in not engaging Syria unless Bashar steps down.
I believe the time has come for the UNO to be dismantled. It has failed in it primal goal of preventing war. Any further functioning of this organization is a waste of funds and time. Another option is to redefine the UNO as a forum for talks and nothing more or the dismantling of the Security Council (but that will never happen). We need a new world organization that does not give importance to power blocs.; an organization which is truly bipartisan. Utopian ideals like this still are a dream. But we can all dream because it’s free.


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