Saner Minds Prevailed. Obama Won

Obama’s victory is not something that can be overlooked as just another presidential election. This year is different from any other. The world is at a point of recovery from a crisis that was caused by Political Gluttony and Crony Capitalism. This year’s vote came down to whether you want the guy who is trying to fix the problem or the guy who actually caused it. Thank God that Romney lost.
The world is at a turning point. Sadly, USA still leads the pack. It might have been because of them that the world faces such drastic realities, but the answer to everyone’s salvation also lies with them. The unbridled greed of capitalism under Obama will not be as forceful as it would have been under Romney. Foreign policy would not be so color blind as what would have been under Romney. Diplomacy will be the right course for the future and Obama can deliver. He understands the importance of good education, health care etc. He understands that government can help and not curtail development in terms of inclusive and not exclusive growth. The losers here are only the Republicans. For the rest of the world, it is a sigh of relief.


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